Corporate Gifts and Special Orders

We’re not a gift card…ours is a unique Christmas experience.

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a beautiful gift basket with Those Pretzels present...(get it?)

A portion of all revenue goes to charitable organizations close to our hearts.

Send your employees and clients a lovely gift of wine and Those Pretzels, chocolates and Those Pretzels, beer and Those Pretzels, or just more Those Pretzels.

"We have been gifting Those Pretzels to our clients every year… the first thing they say when I see them (all year long) …. 'When are you bringing in more of Those Pretzels!'” 

Thank goodness you are still going and we look forward to another large order this year!" - Cyd Fraser

Every year, we delight in hearing your clients' and employees' tales how they become addicted to their new favourite Christmas salty snack, Those Pretzels and how can they get more...

"It's not even Christmas season yet and my employees are asking, 'when are Those Pretzels coming?'  They can't get enough of them...and for good reason!
An outstanding product that puts a smile on everyone's face, every time."
- Murray Seward, CEO, Outback Team Building & Training
"We have been addicted to Those Pretzels ever since they were gifted to us as a passion project by the Floer family many years ago.  They are crispy, buttery and absolutely delicious.
We have gifted them to everyone we know: friends, teachers, colleagues and have used as corporate gifts year after year to rave reviews.
One bite and you will never be the same….
We look forward to the Christmas every year because we know Those Pretzels will be coming!"
- Dream Orthodontics
We are happy to put your logo on our bags of Those Pretzels. Head on over to the Contact Us page and get in touch.

Sprinkling happiness one pretzel at a time.