Our Story

It all started one cold and snowy Christmas…back in 2013.

The Floer Family Secret Pretzel Recipe…made every year (and now with the kids) to the delight of many, for the holidays to share with family and friendly gatherings.

We’d heard it so many times:

...“these are the BEST pretzels I've EVER tasted!"

…”just bag ‘em and sell ‘em”, people would say.

…"can we have the recipe?” they asked…and we would laugh and laugh.

Wanting to get the kids into something they could build and be proud of, Those Pretzels was born and we haven’t looked back. 

Now each and every holiday season, The Floer Family brings out the secret family recipe book from its secret location, waits patiently for the elves to show up to assist...and stirs up a batch of Those Pretzels to feed All The Land