Where to Find THOSE Pretzels

Are you craving your favourite salty snack when it's NOT Pretzel Season?  

Check out these fine retailers and beverage establishments to help with your THOSE Pretzels cravings. **but PHONE FIRST to confirm they have inventory**

Breweries, Cideries and Wineries carrying THOSE Pretzels

Do you like beer, wine and/or cider?

If you’re thirsty and ready for a snack, the following establishments are happy to serve THOSE Pretzels along with a cold beverage. EVEN BEFORE and AFTER Official Pretzel Season!

So if you absolutely can’t wait to order THOSE Pretzels, we have you covered at some of our favourite beverage establishments. 

Be sure to check them out….check them all out!

Sprinkling happiness one pretzel at a time.